Crisis charity worker from Beckton to run the London Marathon and Nightrider

To put your body through the mill once in a year in the name of charity is certainly commendable, twice definitely noteworthy.

So to do it three times looks almost heroic.

Fresh from taking part in a 60-mile sponsored walk in December to raise awareness of the homeless, Jagtar Behal, a Skills for Life teacher at Crisis, is ready to put on his running shoes for the London Marathon next month.

He will then take part in the 100km Nightrider bike ride around the capital’s landmarks in June.

He is aiming to raise �2,000 in sponsorship for taking part in both.

Jagtar is now running to and from his home in Peridot Street, Beckton, to Crisis headquarters in Shoreditch – a total of 48 miles a week – to get ready for the marathon.

He said: “I absolutely hate running, but I have no choice but to do it, and there are things in life that people don’t have a choice in.

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“Doing this is like a representation of that and the hardship faced by the homeless.”

Jagtar is in no doubt as to the motivation behind his repeated efforts for his charity.

“I’m really saddened by the situation in our society, that there isn’t enough housing to go round,” he added. “I just find it really sickening that there are people on the streets when we have a relatively affluent society.”

Jagtar is taking part in the punishing feats while on a vegan diet, a lifestyle choice he made while working for Crisis.

He said: “Friends and family think I’m absolutely crazy. Everyone doubts whether I can physically do it. I eat lots of daals and nuts, and I’m training on a raw fruit diet.

“With my sponsorship I’ve had lots of pledges – but I’ve got a couple of months to raise �2,000.”

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