Warning to Asian women of Newham - Gold price hike means more thefts

Newham detectives are warning women to be extra careful with their jewellery following a hike in street robberies involving gold.

Officers are advising owners of high value gold jewellery to keep them hidden rather than advertising them while out. They want to curb a growing trend in luxury item robberies in the borough.

They have launched an awareness campaign to tackle the issue after a spate of recent incidents where Asian women in particular have been targeted for their expensive jewels. There have been 19 such robberies over a recent four day period. Previously to this spike there were very few over the course of a year.

Officers have also increased patrols in hotspot areas and are carrying out investigations to arrest those responsible.

Newham Robbery Detective Inspector Andy Furphy said: “Gold prices reached record highs in recent weeks and we believe this could be a contributing factor as to why we have seen a peak in this type of crime.”

Paresh Lodhia, General Manager of Tulja Jewellers in Green Street, Forest Gate, confirmed the increase in the price of gold which he said was due to the commodity being considered more secure than currency. It was also a reaction to the events going on in the Middle East and the world’s general economy.

He said gold was now trading at �897 per ounce and this equates to �288 per 10g when bought by customers.

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Reports in Newham have shown that a gang of about six males on bikes, aged 16-25, are involved in snatching the jewels, typically necklaces from the unsuspecting victims.

Detective Inspector Furphy said although his officers were working to tackle the problem, ordinary people can help by staying alert, protecting their valuables and reporting any incidents or information to police immediately.

Anyone who may have witnessed or have information about these robberies is asked to call Newham’s Robbery Squad on 0208 217 5086 or alternatively call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.

For more information on the MPS street robbery campaign visit: http://www.met.police.uk/campaigns/street_robbery/