Violent teenage robbers that targeted East Ham casino jailed for 25 years

Sayid holding male employee at knifepoint in Cashino, East Ham

Sayid holding male employee at knifepoint in Cashino, East Ham - Credit: MPS

Violent teenagers who used kitchen knives and screwdrivers to carry out a robbery at an East Ham casino were jailed for 25 years today.

Armed robber, Mohamed Sayid, 19

Armed robber, Mohamed Sayid, 19 - Credit: Met Police

Mohamed Sayid, 19, of Grantham Road, Manor Park, carried out nine robberies across East London between April and July last year, stealing a total of £27,700 alongside Ashley Samuel, 18, and Yahya Ahmed, 19, both from Ilford.

During one robbery at Cashino, High Street North, last May, Sayid repeatedly tried to stab a 28-year-old male employee with a sharpened screwdriver despite the victim complying with the group’s every demand.

The victim managed to block the attack but Sayid brutally punched him in the back of the head, resulting in severe swelling.

In his impact statement, the victim said: “During this robbery I feared for my life like I have never feared before. All I could see in front of my face was my baby boy’s face.

Ashley Samuel

Ashley Samuel - Credit: Met Police

“He is only four months old and I am here to protect him and look after him throughout his life. I feared my life was about to end with me being stabbed to death during this robbery.

“The three suspects that committed this robbery got the key for the safe but continued attacking me and tried to stab me.

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“They did not care about my life. This robbery has left me feeling a very nervous man and I am not sure if I will ever get over it.”

The robbers would hire out taxis to drive them to 24 hour gaming arcades across East London where they carried out the attacks in the early hours of the morning,

Ashley Samuel

Ashley Samuel - Credit: Met Police

The teenagers would pay the drivers, who were oblivious to the crimes, to wait for them so they could be used as getaway vehicles.

They were arrested on July 17 after the Met’s Flying Squad intercepted them on their way back from robbing Cashino at Wood Green.

Officers stopped the car in Ilford and found money, clothing and weapons used during the robbery including a large “Rhino” brand kitchen knife measuring 25cm.

The robbers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob at Snaresbrook Crown Court and were each sentenced to eight years and four months’ imprisonment.

The investigating officer, DC Brad Weston of the Flying Squad, said: “These men were brutal and violent in their pursuit of money.

“One of the victims narrowly escaped being stabbed. It does not bear thinking about how this might have ended had they succeeded.

“Fortunately, none of the victims were seriously injured, although they have all suffered the mental and emotional after-effects of their horrendous experience.

“Many of the victims are suffering from flashbacks or depression and finding it very hard to return to any kind of normal life.”