Violent East Ham landlord loses appeal

A violent landlord who attacked a female tenant after quarelling with her about the rent has failed to convince Appeal Court judges he did not get a fair trial.

Nana Kodw Aggrey, 38, a landlord in his own right, was acting as a housing manager dealing with tenants in a property owned by his sister when the incident happened in January last year.

Aggrey, of Macaulay Road, East Ham, fell to “hitting and kicking” the woman, as well as taking her mobile phone, after she threatened to call the police during the dispute about rent and ending her tenancy.

Aggrey was fined �500, and ordered to pay �400 compensation and �1,200 costs, at Wood Green Crown Court, after being convicted of assault by beating and theft on January 31.

Lord Justice Pitchford, Mr Justice Andrew Smith and Mr Justice Popplewell, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, heard him appeal against the convictions.

Aggrey’s lawyers argued that “bad character” evidence, detailing a dispute with one of his tenants, should not have gone before the jury and was prejudicial.

The court heard Aggrey had “threatened violence, cut off the gas and electricity and taken the TV and other property” of his tenant during that incident.

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Lord Justice Pitchford said evidence was relevant to the case as it showed “disregard for the property of tenants and willingness to resort to violence.”

He concluded: “It was a landlord and tenant dispute where violence was used and property taken. We see no reason to regard these convictions as unsafe and refuse this application.”