Two years jail for post-sex hammer attack on gay councillor

A man who hit a gay Labour Newham councillor over the head with a hammer after being picked up for sex has been jailed for two years. Marian Calin, 29, attacked Neil Wilson when he was ordered to leave the victim’s terraced house in Plaistow.

Mr Wilson, who was left needing five stitches, called police but failed to mention how he met Calin at Epping Forest.

It was only later in hospital that the executive member for equalities and social inclusion for the London Borough of Newham admitted he “had not been entirely forthcoming”.

Mr Wilson, who represents the Plaistow South ward, was first elected in 1994 and retained his seat at last year’s elections. He has also been a governor at two schools in the borough.

He was not in court as Calin was sentenced to two years imprisonment by judge Giles Forrester at the Old Bailey.

The court heard he met Calin within minutes of arriving at Wanstead Flats on the afternoon of Sunday, January 24 last year.

Prosecutor Hugh Forgan said: “The purpose in going there was because he is a gay man and he was looking for someone for sex.

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“They talked and agreed to go back to Mr Wilson’s address.”

After having consensual sex Mr Wilson became suspicious when Calin returned to the bedroom claiming he had lost his mobile phone.

“At this stage he wanted him to leave,” said Mr Forgan.

“As he went downstairs Mr Calin picked up a hammer which had been left on the landing floor and struck Mr Wilson to the back of the head, before going past the now badly injured Mr Wilson and out the front door.”

Mr Wilson, of Upperton Road West, Plaistow, tried to chase after his attacker but stopped because he was bleeding too heavily.

After calling police, he claimed that Calin was a constituent who had knocked on his door.

Mr Forgan said: “Mr Wilson didn’t initially tell the whole story. You may understand in the circumstances a degree of embarrassment felt by Mr Wilson as to how Mr Calin came to be in the property.

“Initially his account was that a man knocked on his door to speak to him because he knew Mr Wilson was a councillor and he let him in only to be attacked.

“Mr Wilson’s account became more truthful when he was taken to hospital and again spoke to officers.

“When in hospital he said he had picked up Mr Calin in Wanstead Flats and sexual acts had taken place at his house.”

Giving evidence in court, Mr Wilson denied he had lied to the police but admitted he had not given a “clear and rational explanation of what happened”.

He said: “My recollection in all honesty is hazy on that initial discussion. All I know is I didn’t go in to the amount of detail I subsequently did when I was feeling better and had hospital treatment.

“I had been hit on the head and I think it was a combination of fear and embarrassment.”

Mr Wilson added: “I didn’t lie to the officers then and I haven’t subsequently lied.

“I was embarrassed because of my role...and I was upset with myself for letting it happen.”

The councillor said he was openly gay and his sexuality had been the subject of a front page story by a local newspaper in 1996.

Calin fled the country on the night of the attack and was not arrested until August 25 when he was stopped in Dover docks in Kent.

In his interview he claimed he acted in self defence after Mr Wilson tried to throttle him during a sex act.

Calin, of Dowsatt Road, Tottenham, north London, was cleared of wounding with intent by the jury but was convicted of the lesser alternative of unlawful wounding.