Two are jailed for London 2012 passes theft

Two men are jailed for 2012 passes theft

Two men - one who worked for LOCOG - who planned to make money by selling on two stolen London 2012 Vehicle Access and Parking Passes, have each been sentenced to eight months jail.

Ian Hamilton, 52, a Canadian national of no fixed abode, admitted handling stolen goods at Snarebrook Crown Court yesterday.

Alykhan Sachedina, 29, of Dundee Road, Plaistow, had previously pleaded guilty to theft by employee.

The pair were arrested outside Stratford Underground station on July 27, just hours before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games was due to begin, when officers from Operation Podium noticed them acting suspiciously.

Officers conducted a Section 1 PACE search and discovered the two passes in Hamilton’s bag, which Sachedina, an employee of LOCOG, had given to him.

Further evidence uncovered showed that Sachedina had stolen the Vehicle Access and Parking passes and conspired with Hamilton to sell them on for up to �2,500 each.

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Det Supt Nick Downing, from Operation Podium, said: “The Games are the biggest sporting events in the world, and it is sad to see that criminals will try to exploit them to make money. These two individuals were motivated by greed, pure and simple, Sachedina in particular abused his position as a trusted employee when he stole those passes.I am pleased the quick actions of the officers have meant they have been put before the courts and brought to justice.”