Teens guilty of park rape

TWO teenage sex beasts who raped a sobbing 15-year-old virgin in a park are facing jail.

Rubal Ahmed, 18, of Morris Avenue, and 17-year-old Mohammed Rashid, of Second Avenue, both Manor Park, preyed on the victim who had fallen asleep on grass following a party on Wanstead Flats.

She had fallen asleep and woken to find Ahmed sitting opposite her before he and the other boy raped her.

The victim went to the park with three friends after they were turned away from another party for being underage.

One of the pals suggested they “have our own party” and asked an older boy to bring them drinks on July 31 last year.

Ahmed and Rashid joined them and the group drank a bottle of vodka mixed with 7Up before the victim became drowsy, she told the jury.

“I was feeling exhausted and for some reason, I just snoozed off,” said the girl.

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“About 25 minutes later I opened my eyes to find Rubal sitting opposite me. My friends weren’t there.


“I said: ‘Where’s my friends?’ and they said they’ve gone home. I got up straight away. I felt dizzy and sick.

“One said: ‘Chill for a bit, you’ll go home later’.

“That’s when out of nowhere Rubal approached me and started getting physical. He kissed round my neck. I was screaming for help. He put his knees on my hands and quickly took my jeans off.

“I was shocked, like a statue.”

The girl said the other boy she called “Mo” then hurried Ahmed along.

She said: “I was messed up. I felt hopeless.

“He then got off me and Mo got on me.”

Moments later police arrived after answering a call from a member of the public who heard her screams, jurors heard.

She added: “It was freezing cold. A flashlight came over me. It was the police.”

Ahmed and Rashid were both convicted of rape and remanded into custody by Judge Usha Karu at Inner London Crown Court.

They are due to be sentenced on March 2.