Teen involved in fatal Canning Town robbery has jail sentence reduced

A teenager locked up for robbing a vulnerable man who died after he was attacked in the street has had his sentence slashed by top judges.

Daniel Torres, now 20, was jailed for six years at the Old Bailey last May after he was convicted of robbing Sellathural Easwaran, who died of major head injuries.

Mr Easwaran was attacked outside a shop in the Barking Road in November 2010 after going out to buy some beer, London’s Appeal Court heard.

He was the worse for drink and therefore vulnerable, the court heard, and was waylaid by an accomplice of Torres as he left the shop.

Torres’ accomplice punched Mr Easwaran with such ferocity that he broke his jaw, said Mr Justice Underhill, and he struck his head as he fell to the ground.

Torres and his two co-accused then rifled through Mr Easwaran’s pockets, although Torres had played no part in the violence inflicted on the victim.

Mr Easwaran was later rushed to hospital but died of his injuries, although a pre-existing condition which afflicted him may also have been a factor.

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Torres, of Percy Road, Canning Town, was originally charged with murder and manslaughter as well as robbery, but the jury cleared him of the homicide charges. One of his accomplices was convicted of manslaughter.

Torres challenged his sentence with claims that it was excessive and Mr Justice Underhill reduced it from six to five years. The judge said he took no part in the violence.

Sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Mr Justice Lindblom, noted that Torres had been among a group which had targeted a lone man “due to his vulnerability” .

But, alwlowing the appeal, the judge added: “He didn’t himself use any violence and there was no element of planning”.