Stratford woman to appear in court after protest near airport

A 30-year-old woman who denies obstructing a highway near Heathrow Airport following a protest has been ordered to attend court.

Isabelle Anderson, from Stratford, will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on February 6 and 7 next year to deny Willful Obstruction of the Highway in conjunction with a protest near M4 Spur Road on November 19.

Twelve people have already admitted obstruction of the highway. Each will receive a conditional discharge for 12 months and will have to pay £105 costs, and a £20 victim surcharge.

They are Simon Bramwell, 44, from Stroud, Ian Bray, 49, from Kirklees, Graham Lewis, 53, of Wells, Somerset, Thomas Harford, 26, from Bristol, Sibi Moore, 21, from Sidmouth, Madeleine Allis-Petersen, 24, from Ealing, Antoine Thalmann, 25, from Oxford, Henry Owen, 24, from Oxford, Joanne Louise Bodimeade, 28, from Lambeth, Alexis Delage, 25, from Lewisham, Tom Venner-Woodcock, 29, from Southwark and Tess Lotter, 30, from Camden.

Two other individuals who denied the charges – Margaret Charnley, 67, from Bristol, and Sophia Lysaczanko, 28, from Haringey – will also appear in court next February.