Stratford targetted by ‘Britain’s worst fly-tipper’

The man known as “Britain’s worst fly-tipper” is facing another jail sentence for filling an empty warehouse with thousands of old tyres.

Malcolm Regan, 46, has cost the taxpayer millions of pounds in clean-up costs.

A businessman turned up for work in High Street, Stratford, on February 19, 2009, to find Regan and accomplice Tony Gustave, 33, filling up what he thought was an empty warehouse.

Regan disposed of the used rubber through his firms M&D Tyres and M&T Tyres and was jailed for four months in August 2010 for dumping waste at a series of venues, while Gustave received a suspended sentence.

Regan and two helpers ditched a heap of tyres on Channel Tunnel property near Kings Cross, passing it off as a legitimate tyre-fitting venue with a sign.

More were left on the Olympic site and even piled against the back door of nearby Stratford Magistrates’ Court where he was being prosecuted.

The giant stack blocked the entrance to the courthouse from the car park, leaving fuming district judges and JPs unable to get inside.

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Regan’s activities have been linked to at least two factory fires where tyres were stockpiled.

He also fly-tipped in Pudding Mill River in Stratford and across Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Islington.

Around 3,000 tyres were emptied on Network Rail land in York Way, leaving the company with a �10,945 clean up bill.

Regan and Gustave were spotted on May 7 last year by Tower Hamlets Council environmental services officer. When the van, parked in Abbotts Road, East India Dock, was searched, the inspectors found Waste Transfer Notes.

The slips showed businesses had paid them around �400 to dispose of the tyres in an approved way.

The trader was in 2010 slapped with a decade-long ASBO banning him from transporting controlled waste, including tyres.

Regan, of Guy Farm Road, Braintree, and Gustave, of Amhurst Road, Hackney, admitted depositing waste.

Gustave was caught looting during the riots and was given 21 months’ jail at Wood Green Crown Court for burglary. Judge Mark Bishop jailed Gustave for two months, which he will serve consecutive to his current term.

Regan was bailed for reports ahead of sentencing later this month.