Stratford pitbull owner ‘free within weeks’

The owner of a pitbull that savaged five police officers in Stratford last year will walk free within weeks.

Police went to Symieon Robinson-Pierre’s house in Albert Square, Stratford, on March 22 to execute a search warrant and had forced their way through the front door.

When the officers entered and identified themselves, the dog launched itself at PC Martin Corderoy, biting down on his right thigh before it was shot dead.

Pcs Martin Corderoy, Lee Bush, Marc Merrit, Steve Bones and Paul Garrard were left with hand and leg wounds after the 30 minute frenzy.

Robinson-Pierre, 25, was found guilty of three charges of owning a dog that was dangerously out of control following a week-long trial last August.

He was not sentenced at that time because he faced a second trial on kidnap charges, but prosecutors dropped the case against him last week.

At Inner London Crown Court Judge Martin Bishop QC handed him a 22-month prison term.

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But Robinson-Pierre is likely to go free next month because has been remanded in custody since the attack last March 22.

Robinson-Pierre was also banned from owning a dog for the next five years.

At the close of the prosecution case Judge Bishop directed the jury to clear him of the fourth like charge relating to attack on PC Merrit because he was bitten in the front garden and not in a public area.

Robinson-Pierre, who chose not to give evidence during the trial, was never charged over the attack on PC Corderoy because he was savaged inside the house.

He admitted a further charge of owning a fighting dog after the jury returned their verdicts.