Stratford man evicted for ‘horrendous’ pitbull attack on police

A Stratford resident whose dog savagely attacked police officers has been permanently evicted from his home using new rules introduced after the London Riots.

Newham Council and East Thames Housing Association - the social landlord of the property in Albert Square - worked with police to gather evidence to obtain a conviction for breach of tenancy for antisocial behaviour.

This is the first time a judge has been able to take previous convictions in the local area into consideration before delivering a verdict.

The court also heard a witness statement from an elderly neighbour.

East Thames refuse to confirm the identity of the resident, citing the Data Protection Act to protect his anonymity.

The dangerous dog, described at the time as a pitbull crossbreed, attacked five police officers in March who have since returned to work at Forest Gate police station.

Brian Doran, East Thames’ antisocial behaviour officer who gave evidence against the resident, said: “We are delighted to have achieved this result, it means residents at Albert Square can go about their daily business without fear of attack.

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“It also means we now have an empty family sized home that can be used to house someone who genuinely needs it.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said the eviction would ‘restore calm and order to the community’.

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “This was a horrendous attack on hard-working police officers who were doing their job.

“The eviction by East Thames, supported by Newham Council, demonstrates that tough action will be taken by all agencies against people who let their dogs cause misery to others.”

The housing association intend to work closely with the council’s animal welfare team in future by signing up to new dog control orders as well as introducing its own good pet agreement.