Stratford man crippled in brawl freed after appeal

A man left paralysed in a snooker hall brawl has been freed from jail by top judges on appeal.

Dawood Jabarkhall, 32, of Romford Road, Stratford, was left wheelchair bound for life by spinal injuries he suffered during a fight outside a snooker club in Barking on October 1, 2010.

He was convicted of two counts of violent disorder at Inner London Crown Court and jailed for 18 months in January this year.

Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Simon and Mrs Justice Cox, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, have now freed him from jail, saying that his injuries and lifelong disability are punishment enough for his involvement in the fight.

The court heard that a row started inside the club which then spilled outside onto the pavement with half snooker cues being wielded as weapons by Jabarkhall and another man.

At some point during the fight Jabarkhall was set upon by unknown assailants, suffering a fractured spine and a punctured lung. His injuries were so serious that he will remain in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Lord Justice Hooper said.

Delivering the judgment of the court, the judge said Jabarkhall ought to be freed, given what had happened to him.

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‘It is not known who it was who caused the terrible injuries to Mr Jabarkhall, [but] we take the view that the sentence didn’t sufficiently reflect the very serious injuries and the punishment that he will suffer as a result of his involvement.

‘His life was literally destroyed.

‘He has now served the equivalent of 12 months’ imprisonment. We replace the sentence of 18 months’ imprisonment with one of 12 months so that he is immediately released,’ the judge concluded.