Stratford man admits role in drugs murder

Pair already serving life after victim died following beatings

Two men, one from Stratford, have admitted their part in a drugs gang murder of a man at a car park in Norwich.

Ashley Brown Garraway, 22, from Oxford Road, admitted to conspiracy to commit GBH and 40-year-old Neil Whitby, from Norwich, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap, when they appeared at Norwich Crown Court . They were remanded in custody and will return to be sentenced.

In March, Spencer Yiadom, 22, of Saville Road, Silvertown, pleaded guilty to the murder and was jailed for a minimum of 24 years.

Anton St Paul, 22, of Keogh Road, Stratford, was jailed for a minimum of 23 years after being convicted of murder.

The death of Mr Cristavao was the result of a dispute between two London drugs gangs known as the JJ group and the GBen Group.

Mr Cristavao was seriously assaulted in an attack at a city car park on February 10, 2011, and a murder enquiry was launched when he died of his head injuries four days later.

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The two accused in this second trial were both members of the GBen group.

Det Chief Insp Jes Fry, from the Major Investigation Team, welcomed the results.

He added: “Members of both these London-based drug dealing groups were subject to a policing operation targeting their drug supply and members of both groups have been convicted for drug offences.”