Stratford caretaker’s 20 year sentence for vice trafficking to stand

A racketeer involved in an international vice ring in which young women were trafficked into the UK following terrifying “Juju rituals” had his 20-year sentence backed by top judges.

Council caretaker Anthony Harrison, 32, of Albert Square, Stratford, was a “key player” in a criminal network which trafficked women from West Africa into the UK for prostitution, London’s Appeal Court heard.

The two women exploited by Harrison had no experience of prostitution before they were smuggled into the UK on false papers, the court heard.

Harrison received a 20-year term at Woolwich Crown Court in July last year after he was convicted of conspiracy to traffick the two women and two counts of false imprisonment.

His case reached the Appeal Court as he claimed his sentence was too long.

But Lord Justice Pitchford, sitting with Mr Justice Underhill and Mr Justice Lindblom, said that his punishment was fair.

“These were very serious offences in respect of each girl,” he told the court.