Shariah law posters appear in Stratford

Police appeal to residents to report their locations

Stratford residents claim they feel “threatened and intimidated” as posters declaring the neighbourhood under Islamic “Shariah” law were plastered to walls and lamp-posts.

It is not clear who is responsible for the posters but concerned residents seem to think them to be the work of a vigilante Muslim group.

The bright yellow signs read “Shariah Controlled Zone” with “Islamic Controlled Community: Islamic rules are enforced” in smaller text.

The pictures have symbols declaring a ban on alcohol consumption, gambling, parties, loud music, ‘red light’ districts, smoking or drugs, which are against Islamic law.

One resident said: “They appeared a couple of days ago and quite a few people are talking about it and taking pictures.

“I think it’s quite disgusting to be honest.”

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Shariah law, also spelt shariah, means “way” or “path” in Arabic and is a body of Islamic law more commonly implemented in Muslim countries such as Libya and the Sudan.

It comes from a variety of sources from the Qu’ran to rulings by Islamic scholars (fatwas) and it has caused controversy in recent years as some have discussed the possibility of its integration into UK Law.

Newham Police have been working to take the posters down and are trying to identify their exact location.

They request that residents report these posters “as they are our eyes and ears in the community” to new non-emergency number 101.