Sex pest loses appeal

A SEX pest who groped the buttocks of four different women on London transport during a two week period last year has failed to persuade top judges to overturn his convictions on appeal.

Nasir Raffique 30, of Gurney Road, West Ham, assaulted a 13-year-old schoolgirl and another woman on Valentine’s day, groped another woman on a bus in Stratford the next day and also molested a pregnant woman in Liverpool Street station.

Raffique was jailed for 15 months, after being convicted of four counts of sexual assault on July 22 last year at Southwark Crown Court.

Today he asked Lord Justice Moses, Mr Justice Kenneth Parker and Judge Peter Beaumont QC, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, to quash those convictions, claiming they were unsafe.

Raffique pointed to alleged weaknesses in the evidence of one of the women who complained about his depredations.

But, emphasising that she was just one of the four complainants, and dismissing his application for permission to appeal, Judge Beaumont said: “The case against him was far from weak. This application is refused.”