Sex attacker from Forest Gate jailed

A sex attacker who pounced on his prey in a street has been jailed for two years.

Gocha Chubinidze, 35, of Katherine Road, Forest Gate, had popped out for more alcohol after finishing a boozy Christmas Day lunch with his wife when he spotted the victim and went “berserk”.

He lunged at her, grabbing the giant teddy bear she was carrying. She used it to block a flurry of kisses, Inner London Crown Court heard.

Chubinidze, who was on a six-month visa from Georgia, then smashed his way into the victim’s home and chased her around the property.

Zoe Martin, prosecuting, said when he first saw his victim: “He carried on pulling her by the neck towards him and tried to kiss her on the lips and cheeks.

“She effectively covered herself with the teddy bear she was carrying.”

But tightly and painfully holding onto her neck, he continued his amorous advances and followed her home.

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When she got to her door, in Forest Gate, he tried to force his way in, so she loitered on her doorstep willing him away for at least 15 minutes. Eventually she managed to lock herself inside. But he punched a glass panel and let himself in.

She ran upstairs and locked herself in a toilet, but Chubinidze started ramming himself against it and the lock began to break. She ran downstairs into the street.

By now her landlord Amir Mohmood had come to the rescue and he called police.

Officers arrived to find Chubinidze in the front garden “pacing up and down and staggering, and shouting in his own language”.

The father-of-two had no criminal record and cannot remember much of the attack.

He must sign as a sex offender for ten years, and is eligible for deportation when he has served his sentence, less the 81 days he has spent on remand.

Chubinidze admitted two counts of sexual assault, two of common assault, and criminal damage.