Sex attack teenager jailed for a year

He left his victim still ‘frightened and anxious’ by ordeal, says judge.

A TEENAGE sex attacker caught by the victim’s hero husband after he trawled the streets looking for him has been jailed for 12 months.

The schoolboy, who cannot be named, was 14 when he followed the woman as she walked home and pushed her to the ground.

He then climbed on top of her and sexually assaulted her in Boundary Road, Plaistow.

He fled after her screams alerted her husband. The couple then drove around the area looking for the teenager until the woman spotted him running across a nearby street.

The angry husband caught the culprit and police arrived on the scene to arrest him.

The boy, now 15, has been in secure accommodation with Newham Council since the attack on January 13 this year.

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Judge Peter Grobel told him: “What you did to your victim was very wrong.

“It has affected her ever since. She is still frightened and anxious when she goes outside the house because of what you did to her.

“It will take a long time for her to get over it and so you have to be punished.”

Two psychiatrists have recommended he continues to receive intensive treatment for a further three to six months and the judge said “in the circumstances” he would not direct deduction of the days he has spent on remand.

Judge Grobel added: “Plainly it is not only your interests but the interests of the public that you should remain for a further period in detention.”

The teenager, who lives in Beckton, admitted sexual assault on January 13 this year.