SatNavs on show lead to car break-ins, warn Newham Police

A man in Manor Park had his car broken into after he mistakenly left his Sat Nav on show.

On Sunday 14 October at 9pm, a car owner left his silver Volkswagen Sharon parked in Kensington Avenue.

When the man went out to his car at 8am the next morning he discovered that the driver’s door lock had been damaged and the vehicle had been broken into.

The man checked his car and found his satellite navigation system had been stolen.

Crime Prevention Design Advisor PC Andy Whitefield said: “This is a perfect example of not what to do when leaving your car parked up for the night.

“Never ever leave anything on show - even the tell tale sign of the sucker mark of your treasured Sat Nav.

“Many newer cars will already be fitted with an immobiliser (which prevent the car from starting), and/or car alarm, but if not consider having one professionally fitted.

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“To prevent tyre theft fit wheel nuts: they are inexpensive and easy to install.

“Consider marking all your valuables with a unique identification number such as your postcode.

“If you have a garage, try to park your car in it overnight.

“If you have a private driveway, parking your car on it regularly, instead of a public road may reduce your car insurance premiums.

“If you do park in public streets and roads leave your car where it can be seen by others, not out of sight.

“Remember to tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to discourage vandalism.”