Quick-thinking thwarts Upton Park thieves

Bank card snatchers were thwarted by the speedy actions of their potential victim.

On Friday October 19 at 5.15pm, the man stopped at the NatWest machine near Upton Park Tube Station to withdraw some money.

As soon as he had inserted his card and entered the pin number he was aware of someone looking over his shoulder.

That man suddenly rushed towards him saying not to use the machine and suddenly started pressing random buttons.

A second man appeared and said that the machine was broken and not to use it.

During the exchange that man attempted to snatch the victim’s card, but was unsuccessful due to their victim’s speedy thought.

Crime Prevention Design Advisor PC Andy Whitfield said: “This victim was very lucky! Avoid becoming the victim of cash machine crime by following our advice, which also covers using cards at checkouts.

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“When choosing a cash machine, be aware of others around you. If someone near the cash machine is behaving in a suspicious manner or makes you feel uncomfortable, choose another.

“Make sure you check the machine before you use it for any signs of tampering. Examine the machine for stick on boxes, stick on card entry slots etc.

“If you find it difficult to get your card into the slot, do not use it, go to another machine.”