Pregnant mother feels ‘violated’ after break-in that destroyed her door

Stephanie Gafga with her damaged front door

Stephanie Gafga with her damaged front door - Credit: Archant

A pregnant woman whose home was burgled said she feels “violated” by the break-in, and says the council has left her with a broken front door.

Damage to the flat next door

Damage to the flat next door - Credit: Archant

Stephanie Gafga, 25, of Sycamore Close, Canning Town, said nobody in her building feels safe after her door was kicked in and a window smashed.

“It’s your home,” said Stephanie. “It’s where you’re supposed to keep your kids safe. You feel violated.

“You don’t know what he’s touched, rifling through your things.”

In the burglary on February 17 an intruder stole a Playstation 3, a Samsung laptop and jewellery, after breaking in between 5pm and 9pm.

Newham police investigated and a forensic team inspected the door, but Stephanie says police told her they closed the case after just two days.

Stephanie, who is eight months pregnant and has a 16-month-old baby daughter, stayed with her parents until her dad put the door’s Chubb lock back in place.

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She has now moved back into her flat with baby Taylor and her husband Daniel, 26, but says they both get worried whenever they hear noise in the building. “We keep looking to see whether anybody is outside or whether anybody’s in the flat,” she said.

Newham Council had someone patch up the door on Friday, but Stephanie’s dad had already done some of the work.

Stephanie is also concerned intruders might be able to open building’s main door.

A Newham Council spokeswoman said: “We take the safety of our tenants and leaseholders very seriously.

“We have been in regular touch with [Ms Gafga] and visited the property several times.”

She said repairs were carried out and the building’s main door tested by an electrician and is working.

She said the council has ordered a new flat door, adding: “We are sorry for any delays to this work.”