Police swoop of No25 bus crime

CROSS-borough operations that targeted crimes of theft, robbery and anti-social behaviour on the route 25 bus through East London during the festive period led to forty-eight arrests, it has emerged.

‘Operation Christmas Presence’ saw officers from Newham, Tower Hamlets and Redbridge Safer Transport Teams both in plain clothes and high visibility patrols in action, resulting in almost 2,000 people bring stopped and questioned. Revenue inspections by Transport for London were also carried out with some 11,000 passengers checked of which 266 now face a court summons for various travel offences and 476 penalty fares issued.

Meanwhile at transport hubs the public were given safety advice and offered anti-theft alarm bells.

Safer Transport Team Sgt Lewis Hastie said: “This operation enabled all three boroughs to work together to reduce crime and reassure the travelling public on priority routes.”

Cross boarder operations to target thefts, robberies and anti-social behaviour on the route 25 bus during the festive period has seen 48 people arrested.