Police seize knives and a gun during crime crackdown at Stratford station

A gun was seized by officers Picture: BTP

A gun was seized by officers Picture: BTP - Credit: BTP

Officers arrested 31 people and seized a variety of weapons as part of an operation to combat knife crime at Stratford station.

One of the seized weapons Picture: BTP

One of the seized weapons Picture: BTP - Credit: BTP

Operation Engulf, a joint operation between the Met and British Transport Police, saw a week of activity take place in and around the station.

Police used stop and search powers to challenge pedestrians and drivers who they were concerned about and searched them for weapons. Kitchen knives, blades in sheaths and even a gun were seized.

Chief Insp John Loveless, who was in charge of the operation, said: “Over the past eight months criminal activity and anti-social behaviour has increased in and around the station making it difficult for passengers, commuters and staff member to go about their day-to-day life.

“During the week we saw some heinous weapons, which could have caused others significant injury if they had not been seized.”

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