Police officers cleared of Forest Gate assault frame

Two policemen accused of trying to frame a suspect for an alleged assault have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Sergeants Timothy Nunn, 41 and Lee Morgan were said to have made up bogus allegations that Amir Miah punched Sgt Nunn three times in the back while in custody.

It was claimed the two men fabricated the story after Sgt Nunn had forcefully restrained Mr Miah in what was described by prosecutors as a “loss of control” after he had been verbally abused.

Mr Miah had been taken to Plaistow police station after being arrested on suspicion of possession of heroin with intent to supply on April 8, 2009, though the charges were later dropped.

CCTV footage taken inside the cell showed the officer grappling with the suspect and pinning him to his bed after pulling a blanket over his head.

Sgt Nunn claimed that in the melee he had been struck three times despite the cameras having not picked up any attack.

Prosecutors claimed both officers had been recorded colluding with one another about the incident after leaving Mr Miah’s cell.

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A jury at Southwark Crown Court returned not guilty verdicts for both men on a single charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Sgt Nunn told the court that he believed the time lapse nature of the footage had meant the assault was not picked up.

Giving evidence he told the court that despite CCTV footage not showing any punches being thrown, he had been assaulted.

As the jury watched the footage frame by frame, he said: “I believe it was around this time [05.34am] that I was punched by Mr Miah.

“You can see the Pc holding on to the legs and she appears to be looking down to his feet and away from his body.

“Sgt Morgan appears to be reacting to something. I had my back to Mr Miah and my right side was across his body.”

He was then asked by his barrister if he could see Mr Miah strike him on the CCTV and was he sure it happened. He replied: “I am absolutely sure I was hit.”

Nunn said that when he first went into the cell Mr Miah had been abusive and he had feared for his safety, but denied losing his temper as he restrained him.

Sgt Nunn, from Benfield, Essex and Sgt Morgan, from Canvey Island, Essex, denied attempting to pervert the course of justice.