Police introduce street drinking ban

Borough Commander: ‘People and businesses feel unsafe’

A Drinking Designated Public Place Order came into effect on Monday, banning irresponsible drinking in public places. It applies throughout the borough.

It will allow officers to ask someone to stop drinking in a public place. Those who refuse will be committing an offence and can result in a �50 fine. It will not affect those who drink responsibly but is aimed at people who become a threat or a nuisance after excessive drinking.

It follows a successful pilot in Stratford town centre and Woodgrange Road, in Forest Gate in June 2009. Newham police said it led to a significant reduction in the number of street drinkers within the zone.

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford said: “Street drinking has long been identified as an issue that makes local residents and businesses feel unsafe in Newham. We are always looking for long-term solutions to tackle local problems raised buy the community.

“However we do not want to displace the problem by pushing it into other areas of the borough. That’s when the borough-wide order was considered.”

A consultation with the public was carried out during September and October 2010 to capture the public opinion on a borough-wide banning order. The consultation showed that 84 per cent of those consulted supported the ban.

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Councillor Unmesh Desai, cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour said: “We are supporting the police in responding to the concerns of local residents and businesses and the borough-wide DPPO will help us successfully reduce the issue of alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

“Residents are entitled to a good quality of life and the order will ensure that a small minority will not impinge on the quality if life of others.”