Plaistow woman catches burglars “in the act” in her home

A woman caught two burglars “in the act” on Thursday after she returned home to find her front door had been forced open.

The 27-year-old came home at around 9pm to Wanlip Road, Plaistow, when she saw her door ajar and hear voices inside her property.

She chose not to enter the property but to call the police instead.

Officers arrived on the scene shortly afterwards where they discovered two men aged 28 and 36 stealing the woman’s possessions.

They were arrested on the spot and then later charged with burglary offences.

Pc Andy Whitfield, crime prevention advisor for Newham police, said: “A secure home will reduce the chance of your getting burgled.

“But, if you get home and notice signs of a break-in, don’t go in or call out - the intruder could still be inside. Go to a neighbour’s to call the police on 999 if you think the burglar is still inside or has just left.”

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Police advise residents who think a burglar has left their property to call non-emergency number 101 at any time of day to arrange for an officer to visit.

Victims of burglary are also warned not to touch anything or move any items where possible to avoid damaging potential evidence before the crime scenes investigation officer arrives.