Plaistow students to make up for lost time after bomb scare

Students at NewVIc college in Plaistow will have to give up a ‘day off’ after they were forced to leave the building on Monday when a suspect package was discovered outside the institution.

Arrangements are being made for people to come in on a staff training day, when students would not be expected on the premises, between now and Easter next year.

Police were called to the sixth-form building in Prince Regent Lane just after 9am after a plastic box with protruding wires was reported in a vehicle in the college’s car park.

Officers were stood down from the operation within one hour, after the package was declared harmless.

But the college was closed to students for the rest of the day.

College principal Eddie Playfair said a decision was taken to send people home because the college could not be sure when the scene would be fully safe.

He said: “NewVIc had been advised by the police to evacuate the premises for the safety of students and staff due to the suspect vehicle found in the car park.

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“Police could not determine how long it would take to check the vehicle.

“NewVIc takes very seriously the safety of students and staff and we made the decision to send students and staff home.

“We are happy that the suspect vehicle posed no risk and the day will be recouped before Easter to ensure students have not lost a teaching day.”