Pickpockets strike in Upton Park: Deaf man loses �3,000

A partially-sighted and deaf 48-year-old-man fell victim to pickpockets who stole �3,000.

On Monday, July 18 at 12.30pm he went to a bank in Green Street, Upton Park, took out cash from his account and placed it inside his jacket before leaving the premises. Outside he turned right into Green Street, towards Plashet Grove.

Near the junction two white women, speaking in foreign accents, approached him.

Suddenly one of them threw something over him. The women proceeded to offer to clean his jacket which he took off and gave them. The women returned the jacket, minus his money, and walked away.

Crime prevention officer Pc Brian Walker said: “Don’t withdraw large amounts of money. If you do, take someone with you. Be vigilant inside the bank and make sure no one has followed you outside. If an accident occurs, try to enter a shop and don’t get distracted.

“Make sure the cash is secured inside the pocket, fastened with the zip or button.”