Newham police warn Christmas party-goers against minicab touts

Newham police are reminding residents about the dangers of using unlicensed minicabs as the Christmas party season begins.

Winter revellers are often tempted to escape the cold and save money by using unlicensed minicabs but only taxis (black cabs) can be picked up off the street without a pre-booking.

Party-goers are reminded by the police that minicabs who pick up off the street are acting illegally and passengers should not approach them or get in the vehicle.

Deputy Mayor for Policing, Kit Malthouse, said: “With the festive party season underway and the nights growing colder and darker we are doing everything we can to crack down on illegal minicab touts and to warn passengers never to pick up an unbooked minicab in the street.”

The police have launched Operation Safer Travel at Night in response to the growing problem which involved officers checking over 5,000 vehicles, providing safety tips to residents and students and encouraging them to use licensed taxis and minicabs.

More than 180 arrests were made in Londo over the last three weeks for touting and other cab-related offences.

Police suggest that people never approach a minicab on the street or accept a fare; always book in advance so there is a record of your journey; check your booking and always sit in the back.

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