Newham police visit victims for advice

Newham police returned to the scene of the crime to talk to victims on Wednesday in a bid to improve services.

The operation, entitled Operation Big Wing, is the first of its kind to focus specifically on victim care with members of the force making ‘quality call backs’ to discuss residents’ experiences with police.

Commander Steve Watson, who lead the operation, said: “We are aware that we need to make continued improvements to the service we give to our victims so that more people are satisfied in our services and we are dedicated to doing so.

“Ensuring our leaders hear first hand from victims and are accountable to them is part of getting this right.”

On Wednesday July 18, staff from the assistant commissioner to police constables, from crime prevention officers to volunteers embarked on 50 visits, a minimum of two per ward, with senior management contacting two victims of crime who described their experience as less than satisfactory.

Newham acting chf insp Alexandra Elderfield said: “In Newham, we are always looking at ways to improve the service we provide and operations such as this highlight what we are doing well but also those areas that we need to do better in.

“Yesterday officers across Newham have been calling and visiting victims of crime to discuss with them the quality of service we have provided and where improvements can be made.

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“We always endeavour to give Newham a high standard of service and days like yesterday help ensure we can continue to do so.”