Newham police urge parents to help after London riots

Newham Police have made an urgent appeal to parents to keep their children from getting involved in public disorder and they are asking the community for their continued support.

Newham Police said: “Yesterday Newham Police put together a robust policing plan with Newham Council and partners to protect the community from any violence and disorder that may enter the borough.

“We prioritised our resources and responded swiftly to reports of violence and criminal damage. As a result we managed to prevent a lot of criminal activity across the borough and limit the damage to East Ham High Street.

“All available officers are being brought in to continue to have a strong police presence on Newham’s streets today. Every single officer is absolutely determined to do their best to protect the people of Newham and the businesses.

“We ask the community continue to bear with us, particularly around our response to lower level crimes, as we prioritise our resources.

“The community spirit in Newham is strong and we ask everyone to continue to work with police and partners to bring those responsible for any disorder to justice.

“We want to reassure the community that a London wide policing operation is in place to manage any further public disorder in the capital. We are doing everything we can by working with our partners and the community to ensure Newham residents and businesses can go about their daily lives in confidence.

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“We appeal to parents and all those responsible for young people to work together with police to ensure that youngsters do not get drawn into the kind of disorder we have seen. There is absolutely no excuse for the violence and there is a role for the whole community - police, parents, schools, local leaders and others - to stand together and convey the message that crime and disorder will not be tolerated.

“If anyone has any information or concerns regarding any disorder please call 999 in an emergency or to report a non emergency incident call 101. We have set up a dedicated number for the Newham community to report any information or intelligence relating to disorder in Newham on 0208 217 5078. To remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”