Newham police to send eviction warning to offenders this Bonfire Night

For the first time, Newham police are sending letters to known offenders telling them they could face eviction if they engage in anti-social behaviour this Bonfire Night.

Officers are also carrying out after-school patrols in troublesome areas, such as town centres and transport hubs, and using screening arches to deter people from carrying weapons.

All Safer Neighbourhood teams will be visiting firework outlets to take action against problem venues as well as dropping in on food shops to encourage them to remove or refuse to sell flour and eggs to children.

Officers have been giving presentations in schools alongside firefighters to give safety tips to young people ahead of the festivities.

Newham’s Borough Commander Rob Jones said: “We are here for London and to help make sure that everyone can enjoy the festivities and stay safe.

“Newham borough has local plans in place, drawing together experience and successful tactics from previous years as well as managing planned events on the borough.

“I would like to stress that our operations are not aimed at demonising young people, the large majority of whom behave safely and responsibly.

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“However, those intent on committing crime and anti-social behaviour will face the consequences.”

Bonfire night fires dropped by two thirds over the last five years, according to London Fire Brigade figures, and November 5 2011 was the quietest on record with 154 fires attended or a fire in London every 10 minutes, compared to one every three minutes in 2006.