Newham Police seize illegal vehicles in car crime crackdown

Dozens of unlicensed and untaxed vehicles have been removed from the streets of Newham by police.

Officers used automatic number plate recognition technology to carry out the two-day crackdown on illegal cars last weekend.

A total of 31 illegal vehicles were seized, with one arrest for disqualified driving and 41 drivers reported for document offences.

The blitz was part of Operation Reclaim, a Met-wide initiative, which launched in Newham in November 2008 in partnership with Newham Council.

Insp Phil Stinger said: “This activity contributes to a larger crackdown on motor vehicle crime in the borough.

“We’re sending out a clear message that if you drive illegally there is a serious risk of you losing your car.

“We’re doing this to protect innocent road users left with injuries or expensive damage as a result of someone else’s disregard for the law.”