Police officer threatened to ‘knock out’ man after chicken shop attack, misconduct hearing told

Buxhall Crescent, Hackney. Pic: GOOGLE MAPS

Buxhall Crescent, Hackney. Pic: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

A Newham policeman threatened to knock a man out who allegedly assaulted his brother-in-law, a misconduct hearing was told.

Pc Mhamud Hussin was off duty when he heard his relative Kamal Ahmed had allegedly been assaulted outside a chicken shop by Yzaayad Abood.

In response he sent a string of offensive and racist messages to friends and relatives on WhatsApp under the name ‘Big Boss’ in July 2016.

Pc Hussin ignored a reply warning him he might lose his job, telling the sender Mr Abood would get knocked out.

He then allegedly shared Mr Abood’s address calling on people to come because he “got beef”.

Pc Hussin denies breaching standards of professional behaviour by using racist language and encouraging an attack on Mr Abood.

After sending the messages, he allegedly joined a gang outside Mr Yazood’s home in Buxhall Crescent, Hackney, demanding he come out, a panel heard on Monday.

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Met counsel John Bassett said: “For a serving officer to get involved in such an incident is not just a breach of standards, but also a disgrace.”

The panel heard the gang shouted racist abuse while trying to kick down Mr Yazood’s ground floor flat’s front door as he, his grandmother, Amenna Abdulli, and a baby were inside. Mr Yazood lived in the flat below Mr Ahmed.

Pc Hussin claimed he had been taking control of the situation.

The panel heard Ms Abdulli denied an allegation she held a bread knife to the Pc’s face after she opened the door.

When officers Pc Tracey Chapman and Pc Chris Mayo arrived Pc Hussin allegedly said if his brother-in-law’s neighbour didn’t get nicked they’ll have to leave officers outside his door all night because something would happen to him.

A third officer, Sgt Alex Bloxham, described Pc Hussin as “spitting and frothing” at the mouth when he arrived, the panel heard.

He described an “aggressive” Pc Hussin ranting, saying: “If someone messes with my family I will do something about it.”

PC Hussin said he had got “emotional” and accused Pcs Chapman and Mayo of lying.

Defending, Sam Trefgarne said his client was angry about the situation rather than at officers.

The hearing continues.