Newham police advice to stop rising thefts of number plates

Newham police continue to see a high level of number plate thefts from vehicles of all makes, models and ages across all postcodes in the borough.

Stolen number plates are allowing people to get away with driving offences, even thefts of petrol.

Fines are often sent to the innocent owner of a vehicle, which had its number plates stolen, and such cars are often used as getaway vehicles in more serious crimes.

Newham police are asking you to consider this crime prevention advice and reduce the odds of you becoming a victim.

* Report the loss of your number plates to the police as soon as possible. Call 101, the 24-hour Metropolitan Police non-emergency number. If the crime is in progress, call 999.

* It is an offence to drive a car without number plates, so you must report the loss of yours as soon as you can.

* Fit theft-proof screws or special number plates to your vehicle.

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* Clutch-head screws are specially-designed to be virtually impossible to remove once they have been fitted. They are very cheap to buy and easy to fit.

* Some Neighbourhood Policing teams are able to provide these screws free of charge. Contact your local Neighbourhood Policing team via 101.

* Special number plates are available that are designed to break apart if they are forcibly removed from a vehicle.

Contact your local car dealer or registered number plate supplier for further information, including fitting and cost.