Newham police advice: How you can cut risk of having your mobile phone stolen

A 35-year-old woman fell victim to a pick-pocket while shopping in Westfield Stratford City.

As she came out of the Apple shop at 5pm she searched for her phone in her handbag to make a call but realised her bag had been “dipped” and it was missing.

Crime prevention design adviser Pc Andy Whitefield said: “By taking a few simple steps you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of mobile phone theft. By providing police with basic information about your phone, you can make it more difficult for a thief to use it.

“Mobile phone networks can now stop stolen and lost phones being used on any network, even if the sim card is removed and replaced.”

* Use it when and where it is safe to do so and be aware of those nearby.

* Make sure it is secure when not in use. Don’t leave it on show. Keep it in an inside pocket or a internal zipped pocket in a handbag.

* Make your phone is identifiable. Use permanent property marking techniques and mark the battery.

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* When you buy your phone register with the operator and note the IMEI number, it’s unique to your phone. Press *#06# on your phone to display the 15 digit IMEI number.

* If your phone is lost or stolen and you report this number to police, it can be placed on a database which could lead to it being returned.

* Ensure you’ve used the phone’s security lock code or PIN number. Record details of your phone.