Newham hospital ‘bottom squeezer’ given caution

Ahmed Omar repeatedly groped the woman’s bum and joked that she should become his ‘second wife’ while working at the hospital in Glen Road, Plaistow.

When his junior colleague, referred to only as S1, threatened to report him, he warned her that he would tell bosses she touched his ‘willy.’

Omar told the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) that claims against him had been fabricated but the panel found most of the allegations against him had been proved.

The panel ruled his conduct was sexually motivated, but handed Omar a five-year caution order because there was a very low risk of him repeating the acts.

Julie Matherson, for the HCPC, said Omar targeted the woman soon after she started working for the trust.

‘She noticed when she started working at the trust that when that when he went passed her he would touch her on the bottom,’ she said.

‘He would say ‘Oh sorry’ as if he had just brushed passed her by mistake.

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‘This would make her feel very uncomfortable, and if she asked him to stop doing it he would giggle and walk away.”

Omar denied all the allegations against him including a claim of inapposite touching at a leaving party which could not be proved.

HCPC panel chairman, Martin Ryder said: “The panel is of the view that the misconduct found proved, particularly that which was found to be sexually motivated, is too serious for no action to be taken.

“The panel considered a caution order and it has had regard to the fact that there is no complaint whatsoever about Mr Omar’s clinical competence or ability.

“The panel has noted that although Mr Omar denies his behaviour, there has, according to witness evidence, been a noticeable change in his demeanour at work, and that he restricts his interaction with colleagues to his work responsibilities.

“The panel is in no doubt that, despite his denials of the matters found proved, the events leading to the disciplinary action taken by his employer and these proceedings before the HCPC have had a salutary effect upon him.”

The panel said that, as a result, they were satisfied Omar was at a low risk of repeating his misconduct but emphasised it was taking the matters that had been proved seriously by granting the caution order.

Omar, who was given a final written warning for his conduct following a trust investigation, has been working at the hospital for over six years.

Ahmed Omar was also told to attend a ‘Dignity at Work’ course.

HCPC panel chairman Martin Ryder said Omar’s boss had recommended he receive the relevant training in January this year but Omar did not attend a course.

The panel subsequently said that Omar’s attendance on the course was a priority.