Newham family used false IDs in �4m fraud plot

Four members of a family who masterminded an 18-year, �4million plot to defraud immigration and DSS with a string of false identities have been convicted.

“When the phrase ‘family business’ was used that was no cliche, that was a reality,” commented Croydon Crown Court Judge Nicholas Ainleyaccused them of an “outrageous abuse of hospitality.”

Ringleader Ruth Nabaguzi, 49, of Church Road, Manor Park, landed the NHS with a �2,280,000 bill for HIV Aids medication alone by obtaining multiple quantities in different identities, and was jailed for six years. She had admitted 26 charges, along with another four defendants who admitted their role.

Convicted were: Lamulah Sekiziyuvu, 36, of Palmerston Road, Forest Gate (four years); Albert Kaidi, 27,(two and a half years) and mother-of-two Jordan Sebutemba, 26, both of South Esk Road, Forest Gate(one year suspended) and Dennis Kyeyune, 29, of Mitcham Road, East Ham, (two and a half years). The jury found them guilty of conspiring to defraud immigration and DSS and other government departments between June 12, 1993 and September 9, 2011.

Kaidi alone was convicted of assisting unlawful immigration on or about September 24, 2006 and making a false statement to obtain jobseeker’s allowance between March 26, 2009 and August 24, last year.

The prosecution calculated the total loss at �3,950,000, which includes �154,000 in state education; �37,500 in higher education; �650,000 from a sub-letting scam involving properties in receipt of housing benefit and �900,000 in other benefits.

Prosecutor Mr. Paul Raudnitz told the jury: “The allegation is that they conspired together and with others, in particular Ruth Nabaguzi, to systematically, use, create and exploit false identities to facilitate fraud.”

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Describing Nabaguzi as the ringleader Mr. Raudnitz added: “She was at the heart of the conspiracy. She agreed with people to use false identities to facilitate fraud.”

“Each defendant at different times joined the conspiracy, attaching themselves to the agreement and it’s tentacles went far and would do so for many years.”

The prosecution say Sekiziyuvu is either Nabaguzi’s daughter or niece and Kyeyune is her son. “She employed multiple identities and her true identity may never be known,” it was said of Nabaguzi.

“All the defendants are either children of hers or related or associated with her.”

During a police and UK Border Agency raid on an address in Mitcham Road, East Ham, on September 8, last year Kyeyune was arrested.

“Concealed in the shed roof in the garden was a black holdall and inside was a vast array of passports and documents in multiple different identities,” said Mr Raudnitz.

“This was , in effect, a kit bag for identity fraud.

“Nabaguzi adopted and ruthlessly abused identities and obtained immigration status for herself in a number of different identities and for a number of other people and from them benefit claims would be made.”