Neighbourhood teams: Time for your say

NEWHAM police has launched a review of its Safer Neighbourhood Teams and wants to hear your thoughts and ideas on how they can be improved.

The borough is among 32 London authorities carrying out the review which goes hand-in-hand with a public consultation.

There are 20 such SNTs operating in wards across the borough. They have been in existence for four years and comprise one sergeant, two Pcs and three PCSOs.

Now though the basic structure will be maintained, in Newham the officer in charge of the teams Chief Inspector Rick Tyson said it would make sense for them to streamline the management structure.

But he is adamant that there will be no changes implemented without consultation and comments from the people of Newham.

He told the Recorder: “The key thing is there will be no changes until we speak to the public after all its their police service. There will be no loss of Pcs or PCSOs.”

Mr Tyson said the review is designed to ensure that the teams provide a service and have a structure that best reflects their individual ward’s needs.

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“Does it make sense that the ward that is very safe has the same level of resources as the ward that has major challenges?”, he asked.

Though the review coincides with the current climate of economic austerity, Mr Tyson is keen to point out that he believes the public’s money needs to be spent wisely but also while delivering an efficient service.

He and his officers will be talking to faith groups, SNT panels, key networks, businesses, the local authority and members of the community during the six-week consultation which ends on January 21.

“If you don’t like the way we are delivering policing then tell us. I want to hear your views. Yes its nice to hear from people who are happy with the service but I am much more interested in hearing about what it is they think we are doing,” said Mr Tyson.

He is urging everyone to get involved with the consultation.

You can also go to to complete an online questionnaire.