Murder film aims to educate youngsters

DVDs of a hard-hitting film about gun and knife crime are to be handed out to Newham youngsters.

Copies of Who Killed Deon? will be handed out over the next few weeks.

The film is targeted at teenagers and aims to engage them through an interactive story about the risks of getting involved with weapons.

It highlights the law on joint enterprise, which means that if a person’s knowledge or actions lead to a killing, they could be charged with murder and be locked up.

The film has been available online, through social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook, since last summer.

Borough commander Det Chief Supt Simon Letchford said: “Newham has the youngest community in the country, so these topics are even more of a priority for us.

“If we can get our young people thinking and taking responsibility for their actions through an interactive tool like this, we will be not only educating them but also making them understand how the law works.”

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The film shows how five different characters are all guilty of murder.

Each story shows a different connection to the crime and explains why each person was charged, even though their involvement may at first appear minimal. Only one of the characters has no connection with the murder.

The film is part of a series of activities that have been taking place over the past few months to raise awareness and understanding of joint enterprise.

The campaign has the backing of London Mayor Boris Johnson.