Mum ‘so happy’ after winning school tribunal against Newham Council

Reuben with his mum, Angela.

Reuben with his mum, Angela. - Credit: Archant

A 14-year-old with behavioural problems has won his battle to stay at a school after his mother appealed against a decision by Newham Council, believing there would be “catastrophic” consequences if he was uprooted.

Reuben Campbell has emotional, social and behavioural problems and has 25 hours support at Valentines High School, Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill where he has been for the past three years.

His support could have been stopped after both Redbridge and Newham Council refused to fund his one-to-one support at the school since the family moved from Langley Crescent, Wanstead, after Reuben’s father lost his job.

The “only option” was to move in with his aunt in North Woolwich.

His mother, Angela, believed moving schools would be “catastrophic” to his education and argued his case at an education tribunal on June 3.

She said: “I’m so happy the judge understood mine and Reuben’s special needs officer’s concerns and agreed to let him carry on at the school.

“Valentines already has strategies in place to deal with Reuben and the problems he can have.

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“It takes him a long time to settle in and make friends and all the teachers have been patient.”


Newham Council had offered Reuben a place at The Royal Docks Community School, Custom House, but his family firmly believed this would “disrupt” everything he has managed to achieve so far.

Reuben got confirmation that he could keep his place at his school on Wednesday of last week.

Mrs Campbell added: “I felt incredibly determined to win as I really thought Reuben’s education would be affected and he has just chosen his GCSE options so this is an important time for him.

“He would have basically had to start again at such a crucial point in his education.”

A Newham Council spokesman said: “We very carefully reviewed Reuben’s case and were confident that a place in a Newham school would be suitable. We have to consider how to best use limited resources for all the children in our borough. We will not be appealing the decision and wish Reuben luck with his future studies.”