More officers back on Newham streets

Newham’s Borough Commander Rob Jones talks about important changes being planned for the way communities are policed.

The Met is an organisation of which I am proud to be a part, but I recognise as the Borough Commander responible for policing in Newham that we need to change in order to get better at reducing crime, catching criminals and providing a great service to anyone who needs our help. We also need to do everything we can to cut how much it costs to keep London safe.

The first part of the change we are making is to improve neighbourhood policing. We have started planning for a new Local Policing Model (LPM), will builds on the success of Safer Neighbourhoods teams. This will see more officers move from offices back on the streets, so they can be visible, reassuring and accessible. I know how much you value having local police who are available when you need them and who you can tell what is really happening where you live, and our current ward and borough based policing structure will continue to be the foundation of neighbourhood policing wherever you live in Newham.

I want to increase the opportunities for you to meet your police officers in convenient ways - at community centres, supermarkets, school gates and care and day centres. We are also developing an internet based interpreter hub, which should allow anyone entering a police station to access services in a language of their choice; this will be a big step forward.

We are also looking closely at how we use police sergeants and inspectors to ensure we are making most effective use of our experienced officers. At a local level, neighbourhood inspectors will direct the policing of wards. Borough policing will remain, but senior management and some specialised services, such as cell space for prisoners, will be shared across a number of boroughs. Crime investigation, neighbourhood policing and emergency response will remain distinct at borough level to allow local partnerships to flourish. This new model will be called Basic Command Units (BCUs). The size and shape of the BCU’s will vary across London, as the size and shape of boroughs does, and it will allow MPS leadership to make a difference where it is most needed - in neighbourhoods.

No decisions have yet been taken about the composition of BCUs, and we are seeking the views of London’s local authority leaders, chief executives and communities. As soon as I know the detail of how this will affect you in Newham, I will let you know, but you have my assurance that every decision we make will be to provide as professional a service to you when you need it as we possibly can.