Met Police arrest more than 900 in London-wide knife crime op

Operation Sceptre

Operation Sceptre: Officers carried out weapons sweeps in areas known for stashed weapons. - Credit: Met Police

Hundreds of arrests have been made as a result of a Met Police campaign to supress knife crime.

Operation Sceptre has seen police forces across the country attempt to clamp down on such crime through targeted patrols, weapons sweeps and warrants aimed at targeting high harm offenders.

Knife found in a bush

Knife found hidden in a bush during weapon sweep in Enfield. - Credit: Met Police

Running from November 15-21, the operation resulted in a total of 937 arrests being made, with 82 warrants executed.

A total of 290 knives were recovered following 2,745 weapon sweeps.  

Additionally, 246 school presentations were conducted alongside 186 community meetings and educational events.  

The leading officer on Op Sceptre, superintendent Jim Corbett, said: “Knife crime completely destroys victims, families and communities, which is why tackling it is our top priority. 

“Operation Sceptre is an intensification of the work we already do relentlessly every single day, and officers will continue doing everything they can to target those intent on committing violent crime on our streets."

Met Police weapons sweeps

Officers carried out weapons sweeps in open spaces in Westminster. - Credit: Met Police

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Data released by the Met shows that knife crime has decreased by 32 per cent over the last year, as assessed in the 12 months prior to October 2021.

This is compared to the same period before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2019.