‘Men gang raped house party guest’

Three men repeatedly gang raped a woman while holding her prisoner at a house party, a court heard.

Kestutis Zotkevicius, of Boundary Way, Plaistow, Tomas Stucinskas, both 32, and Rimdydas Kazaciunas, 26, all took turns to force themselves on her during a drunken get-together, it was said.

Stucinskas even invited a fourth man to have sex with the alleged victim during the party at Kazaciunas’ home, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told.

He spoke to the unidentified man on his phone and told him to “come to the house because I have a b**ch here and we can f*** her all night”, the court heard.


Prosecutor Andrew Collings said the men struck after separating the woman from her uncle and a male friend who had both also been invited to the party on January 10 last year.

The woman had earlier called a minicab after her uncle warned the alcohol-fuelled event was getting out of hand, the court heard.

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“All parties were drinking,” said Mr Collings.

The woman tried to escape in a minicab but Stucinskas and Kazaciunas attacked her friend and dragged her from the car.

Stucinskas and Kazaciunas took her to a bedroom and undressed her, said Mr Collings. “She remembers they took it in turns having sex with her.

“They did at various stages threaten her by saying they would kick her head off if she didn’t comply with their demands.”

She was then taken into the living room where a pornographic film was played while she was raped by Stucinskas and forced to perform a sex act on Zotkevicius as he leaned back in an armchair, the court heard.

“Mr Stucinskas said ‘Let’s have some fun, let’s put a porn movie on’. He was generally asking her and cajoling her if she could do it better than in the movie,” said Mr Collings.

The woman was raped a third time by Kazaciunas in the bedroom before Stucinskas was overheard on his phone offering her to a fourth man, the court heard.

He came to the house but didn’t touch her, it was said.

Stucinskas, of no fixed address, Kazaciunas, of Seven Kings, and Zotkevicius all deny three counts of rape and false imprisonment.

The trial continues.