Guilty: Men from Forest Gate and East Ham who raped two women during brothel robbery

Edmilson Caimanque, David Fonseca and Adilson Mendes-Namdja-Uare

L-R: Edmilson Caimanque, David Fonseca and Adilson Mendes-Namdja-Uare. - Credit: CPS

Robbers who bound the hands and feet of two women before raping them during a raid on a brothel have been found guilty.

David Fonseca, of Romford Road, Forest Gate, Adilson Mendes-Namdja-Uare, of Lincoln Road, Forest Gate and Edmilson Caimanque, of St. Olaves Road, East Ham stormed their way into a Stoke Newington basement flat at about 11pm on June 12, 2019.

They threatened two women inside with a knife and an axe, before binding their wrists and feet with tape then placing bags over their heads.

Fonseca ​then raped one of the women and Caimanque raped ​both before the group fled with £1,250 in cash and a mobile phone. They also took the building’s CCTV system with them.

The victims, who had advertised their services on Vivastreet, were only at the flat three days before they were attacked.

A nurse at a sexual health clinic raised the alarm. The prosecution case included DNA evidence from condoms Caimanque, 23, and Fonseca, 26, left behind.

Caimanque, Fonseca and Mendes-Namdja-Uare, also 23, were each convicted of two counts of robbery on Friday, February 12 following a trial at Wood Green Crown Court.

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Fonseca was also convicted of one count of rape and Caimanque was convicted of two counts of rape in relation to both victims.

Oliva Ball, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "This was a terrifying ordeal for the victims. They were tied up with tape, had bin bags placed over their heads and then they were horrifically raped and robbed.

"Fingerprints from these defendants were found to match fingerprints on bags left at the scene, contradicting the defence claim that Caimanque and Fonseca had partaken in consensual sex for which they had paid."

Despite the attackers taking the building’s CCTV system, the prosecution showed that all three defendants were in the area at the time by piecing together CCTV from other cameras nearby.

“We are incredibly grateful to both victims who supported this prosecution. Sexual offences can have a devastating impact and it is important that victims have the confidence to report crimes and see their attackers face justice,” Ms Ball said.

Sentencing is due to take place at a later date.