Manor Park teen helped steal from boy targeted by bully on Facebook

A man who terrorised a mentally disabled boy on Facebook into handing over family valuables has been jailed for 18 months.

Ali Kayani, 17, of Longwood Gardens, Clayhall, received an iPad, gold and cash from his former primary school friend to feed his skunk weed addiction.

The bullying began in November 2012 when Kayani met the victim, who has a mental age of 12, at football camp.

Over the next few months Kayani demanded his family’s gold jewellery and threatened the victim over Facebook on several occasions.

At one point he sent him a message stating: “Imagine if somebody were to put a gun to your mum’s head.”

The terrified boy handed over items that had been in his family for generations, followed by his iPad and his debit card and PIN number.

Kayani and his accomplice Sohail Ahmed, 17, of Essex Road, Manor Park, withdrew £400.

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Old Bailey judge Sarah Leigh said: “These are serious offences; they are horrible and nasty offences on this young man.”

Kayani was locked up for 18 months while Ahmed was sentenced to a 12-month youth rehabilitation order.

Robin Miric, prosecuting, said: “Kayani started being troublesome when he identified where the complainants Facebook profile was.

“He was in contact for about six months.

“Kayani seemed to step up the pressure and this must have been considerable because the complainant clearly did not understand why he was getting all that attention.

‘Kayani met up with the complainant and told him to get more stuff.

“There was also a meeting with Ahmed and the complainant was threatened that if he did not give up his PIN number then he and his family would get hurt.”

Kayani and Ahmed both admitted two counts of dishonestly making false representations for gain, one of robbery and one of blackmail.