Manor Park mum appeals to find autistic son’s attackers

Lisa Bissett with her son Jurrell

Lisa Bissett with her son Jurrell - Credit: Archant

A mother is appealing for witnesses after her autistic son was viciously robbed at knife-point in broad daylight.

Jurrell Archibald was riding his bike along Station Road, Manor Park, at about 5pm on June 12, when a group of four male suspects launched an attack on the 16-year-old.

During the assault, Jurrell was robbed of his mountain bike, an iPod which he had received for Christmas, and cash amounting to £40.

Jurrell’s mum, Lisa Bissett, 41, said the incident left her family in “shock” and she is desperate to find those who are responsible for the attack.

“It was absolutely shocking and disgusting that someone could do something like this,” she said.

“It happened at a busy time near the station when people were about, but I can’t believe the fact that nobody actually came forward to help my son, he was helpless.”

She added: “It happened three months ago and yet not a lot has been done to bring the suspects to justice.

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“Nobody should be allowed to get away with what happened. It was totally unprovoked, he was only going to the shop.”

The mother-of-two told the Recorder that Jurrell suffered a number of injuries as a result of the attack.

She said: “His injuries were horrible.

“His face had swollen up like an elephant, I remember when he came home, he was covered in so much blood that I couldn’t even see his teeth.

“There was just blood everywhere. He had bruises up his shoulder and his ribs were really hurting him too.”

Miss Bissett added that her son has been unable to recover from the incident.

She explained: “Since it all happened, he is constantly on edge when he is out.

“He just can’t understand why the attackers have not been caught yet. It is really difficult for him to get his head around - and all I can keep saying to him is not to worry because they will be caught.”

Officers continue to investigate the case and are asking anyone who has information to call 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference number 5316379 - 15