Manor Park families protest against “noisy” building they say is used as community centre

Residents of Fith Avenue, Manor Park

Residents of Fith Avenue, Manor Park - Credit: Archant

Residents say the noise coming from a building is so “horrendous and unbearable” that they oppose a planning application for a community centre.

Angry families took to the streets to protest at how their lives were being ruined by noise and disturbance from a building they claim is being used as a community centre without council planning approval.

Residents are protesting about various activities they claim are held at the building in Fifth Avenue, Manor Park.

They believe it regularly attracts hundreds of people who park in their street causing late-night noise as well as litter abd rubbish.

The East African Education Foundation, currently rents the building,

It says it is in the process of buying it and has submitted a planning application to use it as an education, training and drop-in centre.

The group denies holding any activities there and says it only uses the building for storage.

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Resident and retired taxi driver Michael Dow said: “We sometimes have around 200 people parking in the street and residents, including a lady with two small children, have been forced to park elsewhere.

“The noise coming from the building is so horrendous and unbearable that my wife and I sit inside with the windows shut despite it being hot outside.”

The foundation’s secretary, Mr Mohammed, said if planning approval was granted, the centre would be for the whole community.

“We want to include as many residents as possible, and people from different faiths,” he said.

He said they hoped to invite the NHS to hold health sessions and to stage events aimed at preventing antisocial behaviour or domestic violence.

“There will be faith events if people request it,” he added.

A Newham Council spokesman said: “We are aware of complaints about alleged activity and if evidence was found the building was being used for other purposes without permission, we would explore further enforcement options.

“We have conducted 10 visits within the past three weeks to gather evidence on its current use.

“On each of these visits the site has been closed and secured with no evidence of activity or disturbance,” he added.

He said that the group has now submitted a planning application “which will be considered fully”.