Manor Park doctor cleared sex assault

A doctor has been cleared of assaulting a young patient who turned up at casualty complaining of stomach pain.

Mohammed Zaman, 48, was alleged to have invited the 20-year-old university student out for a meal before conducting an intimate examination on her without gloves or a chaperone.

Zaman, who was working a shift at University College Hospital’s casualty department in central London, denied performing an internal – though he had considered one because of her lower abdominal pain.

The married doctor was cleared of sexually assaulting the woman by penetration on February 6 last year.

The patient went to the accident and emergency unit off Tottenham Court Road after work and she claimed he had smirked and laughed as he touched her.

She told her mother, a nurse, who called police when she heard her account.

Zaman, of Strone Road, Manor Park, denied assault by penetration and was cleared.